Investment Strategy

Little Mountain Industries seeks to invest in profitable manufacturing and industrial distribution companies operating in niche markets. Typically, such acquisition targets will have a meaningful share of their markets and will sell their products directly to large top tier industrial customers. This strong market position will result in high, defensible margins.

Little Mountain Industries will seek to maximize returns on its investments by actively working with portfolio companies to leverage their strong customer relationships and positions in their marketplaces to create additional revenue and profit opportunities. This will likely involve expanding product offerings to existing customers via internal development and add-on acquisition.

Little Mountain Industries will ensure a smooth transition in the management of any acquired business by working with the exiting business owner to put in place and develop new leadership. This may require the elevation and development of existing management personnel and/or the hiring of outside professional leadership. The transition of management and leadership is the most important task faced by Little Mountain in the acquisition process.

Little Mountain Industries will leverage the operating expertise of its Principals and Operating Advisors to assist its portfolio companies in strategic and financial planning. Little Mountain will also employ advisory boards for each platform company to provide specific operating guidance. Typically such advisory boards will have five members. The composition of each advisory board will be determined by Little Mountain. Selected advisory board members will likely have industry expertise or other skills useful to the specific platform for which they serve.

Little Mountain Industries believes that the above acquisition objectives and operating guidelines will allow it to capture significant value in its investments.


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